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Heidi and Spencer Shack it up in Utah

Posted on: December 6, 2008

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Making everyone in Utah nauseas, “The Hills” reality television couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were spotted celebrating their recent wedding with a trip to Utah to spend some time some time with each other.

Meanwhile, Spencer took some time out of his day to chat with radio host Ryan Seacrest about Heidi’s mother who completely disapproves of her daughter marrying the spineless shrimp.

Spencer said, “I can’t wait to prove her wrong and be married for the rest of our lives. … I’m sure she’s just hurt and reacting crazy because she wasn’t there. I think she thinks she’s being funny and, like, playing into her character (on The Hills)—that she hates me.”

Perhaps she’s really “playing into her character” because that’s how she feels.  And plus Spencer plays into his “character” every single moment of his life! Heidi and Spencer actually love the paparazzi!

There are a lot more cheesy photos after the jump – Be warned!

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