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Jessica Biel Afraid To Be Unemployed

Posted on: December 6, 2008

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Jessica Biel makes sure to stay active when not working and the young actress was seen earlier today and the day before out for a walk with her precious pooch in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica recently talked to the press about her fear of having to give up acting to take on a normal job because of the economy right now.

“It’s just the most wonderful job. I love it and it makes me happy, so I wouldn’t let anything drive me away from doing it. I can be stubborn when I need to be.”

Apparently Jess is afriad the movie-goers will forgoe such a pleasure when finances get tough, especially in the upcoming holiday season of giving!

“Every time you don’t worry there’s always that fear of, ‘What’s going to happen next? Where’s my next paycheck coming from and can I pay my mortgage?’ All those kinds of questions start coming in.”

“I think it does become intimidating, especially when the business is so rocky and you don’t know what is happening. You wonder if it’s all just going to disappear. There are all these new fears now,” Jessica tells.

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