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Katie Holmes in Rockefeller Center

Posted on: December 6, 2008

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Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise were looking extra cuddly while making their way through the corwd at New York City’s Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree late last night.  I’m sure it was quite the media frenzy and fan frenzy as Katie made her way through the crowd!  Good thing she had a couple of big guys around her for protection!

In other news Katie and husband Tom Cruise sat down to do an interview with The New York Times where they talked about their love for each other, past movies, and their childhood. In the interview Tom said that he knew Katie was the one after their first date and even went as far as buying the ring before they went out on a second date!  He said, “I knew I wanted to marry Kate when I met her.”

When Katie told Tom and she always wanted to marry him since she was a little girl Tom said, “I said I wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”  FREAKY.  Tom even confesses that he thought Katie was going to pop the question before he got around to it!

“At one point, I thought she was going to ask me to marry her first and I put her off by changing the subject,” Cruise adds. “I wanted to ask her.”

In another interview prior to this one Katie talks about her feelings when around her husband for the first time.

“When I met Tom I was completely in love and, yes, I admired him growing up — he’s Tom Cruise! … When I met him, he was so warm and I thought, Wow! You can be a superstar and a human being. He made me feel so amazing.”

Does anyone else find this relationship to be a bit creepy?  I feel like there is something really wrong with Katie’s head.

Either way Katie also sat down to be interviewed with The New York Times and she talked about growing up in the spotlight.

“I did grow up quite a bit in the public eye because I started at 17. The level of attention has definitely increased in the last couple of years. So early on, my attention wasn’t really on that. Movies were such a highlight in Ohio. There’s not a great deal to do and sports is pretty much what you do there.”

Proving that she had a normal childhood Katie said she even remembers her first movie!

“The first movie I remember seeing is E.T. at a drive-in with my mom and my cousin. We sat on top of the car with our popcorn buckets and Care Bear matching sweatpants outfits. I was so excited!”

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