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Beyonce Talks Cursing and Her Struggle For Power in Marriage

Posted on: December 7, 2008

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It’s no secret that Beyonce is one major diva.  I mean check out all of her fans!  This girl knows how to rope in a crowd and keep them with her on stage presence better known as “Sasha”.  But Beyonce also knows how to command her marriage with husband Jay Z.  She describes their balance as a “power struggle”.

“My marriage is a power struggle. But if I didn’t respect someone, and they didn’t have that strength, then I would be bored. I wouldn’t be attracted to them.”

Beyonce also talked about her portrayal of the blues singer Etta James in the recent movie “Cadillac Records”.  In the film Beyonce had to curse a lot which led her mother to be excluded from the filming set because she couldn’t handle all the negativity being thrown around.

“My mom had to leave the set. I don’t normally curse. Maybe twice a year. I have to be really livid. Somebody saying things or scheduling something where I’m not in control.”

Even though her mother wasn’t used to such fowl language Beyonce said it was a “freeing” experience but at the end of the day she would go home in tears.

“Cursing was freeing, but the shoot was also the most emotionally draining time of my life. Every day I would come home – my eyes would be completely swollen.”

Is anyone going to see “Cadillac Records”??

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