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Christina Aguilera Talks Her Successful Marriage

Posted on: December 7, 2008

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When she’s not busy promoting her fragrance pop star singer Christina Aguilera is enjoying life at home with husband Jordan Bratman and son Max.

Last night X-tina and Jordan headed out for a night of fun in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night.  After a visit to a nice restaurant the couple headed out through the take-out entrance to trick the paparazzi but were unsuccessful.

As for her marriage Christina says that it helps to carve out time in the day to work on your marriage.

“I have the most wonderful partner in Jordan. We make it a priority to work on our marriage. You have to take it seriously and respect each other and be a team.”

She also adds that adding date nights to their weeks help keep things alive and well between the two.  And a friendly game in competition isn’t so bad either!

“We always have date nights as well – it helps to keep the marriage alive after you have kids. My husband and I love to play board games together!”

Do you think Jordan and Christina will last??

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