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Christina Milian is Boyish??

Posted on: December 7, 2008

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Christina Milian looked happy to be there as she walked down the red carpet at KISS FM’s Annual 2008 Jingle Bash last night in Anaheim, California.

The young music star recently sat down to talk about her love for cars and all things boyish.

Oh, I love to drive. I was a daddy’s girl and my father didn’t have any sons, so me and my two sisters, we were boyish. So, our whole thing was cars. I was into the Giants, I knew I wanted a Corvette, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. Those were three things that I knew about. So, those were a big deal to me, and anything that was fast that girls weren’t into was what I was into. So if girls are like, I like pink; oh, I don’t like pink.

But now that she’s into the music scene, a bit more mature, and looking for a guy Christina has reinvented her look to be a bit more feminine.

Now, I’ve evolved and grown up a bit, [and] I’ve turned a little bit more feminine and taken a liking to certain things, but I’m glad I had that side of me as well. Like, I can hang out with the guys and I don’t get so caught up in overly girlie things.

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