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Hugh Jackman: Family Man

Posted on: December 7, 2008


Besides being a great actor Hugh Jackman knows how to be a family man.  Yesterday the hunky lead man was spotted leaving the Claridges Hotel with his wife Deboora-Lee Furness and their daughter Ava for an afternoon of shopping in London, England.

Jackman has been busy on the promotional trail for his latest film “Australia” in which he has an on-screen smooch with co-star Nicole Kidman.  Hugh says that his wife Deborra was okay with the lip lock since she was good friends with Nicole.

“I’ve known Nicole for a long time. She lived with me and Deb when she first came to Hollywood. They are very close friends.”

Even though Deb was okay with the kiss Hugh said it was a big awkward watching it for the first time until Deb made things smoothe.

“While it’s never particularly comfortable making out with someone in front of 70 people, it’s not the toughest day at the office! When I saw the movie for the first time, my wife was next to me and just after the very first kiss, Deb goes, ‘That was great!’”

And it seems like those words were just the kind of encouragement Hugh needed since he said, “So if your wife gives you the thumbs up, you know you’re on the right track.”

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