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Katie Holmes Loves Being On Stage

Posted on: December 7, 2008

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Katie Holmes was spotted going to and from the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Saturday all throughout the day to work on her Broadway debut in “All My Sons”.

Katie recently sat down with her hometown newspaper to talk about her five year plan and what she’s learned about herself recently.

“It’s been wonderful to take on this challenge and discover that I really, really like being on stage. Hopefully, I’ll do that and do more movies. I kind of go script-by-script; I don’t have this five-year plan. You really just have to do what looks challenging and is right for you at that time in your life.”

But as for the movie star she’s open to both plays and movies right now.  It all depends on the script.

“I’m reading different movie scripts and different plays. I’m very open to both.”

Would you rather see Katie back in television, the big screen or on stage??

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