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Katie Holmes Loved Being in an All Girls School

Posted on: December 8, 2008


Katie Holmes was spotted all bundled up to brave the cold NYC weather earlier today (Monday) while on her way to the Gerald Scoenfeld Theater to another round of practices and shows.

In a recent interview with The New York Post Katie talked about her fond memories of attending the all girls academy, Notre Dame Academy, in her home town of Toledo, Ohio.

“I went to an all girls academy, which I loved because we wore uniforms and really supported each other. We had a lunch table that was meant for six girls and we stuffed about 25 around the table. We all helped each other learn physics and calculus and all those subjects that frankly we didn’t think was necessary at the time. But we got each other through it while looking at YM magazine and Seventeen and making sure our priorities were in order.”

I’m not sure if I would of survived in an all girls school.  Could you handle it?


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I went to NDA and its just as she described and loved it as well. I miss those days. We attended at different times, tho.

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