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Lauren and Lo Film For “The Hills”

Posted on: December 10, 2008

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Best friends Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth were spotted up extra early on Wednesday as they headed to the Mira’Le restaurant and cafe in West Hollywood, California to shoot a scene for “The Hills”.  The ladies enjoyed a brunch while talking over the latest drama to unfold in their lives.

In other news Lauren’s ex-best friend Heidi Montag just recently tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Spencer Pratt.  Although there was no one for the relationship in the beginning, Heidi’s sister Holly Montag told the press that Lauren called the family to check and see if everyone was doing okay right after she found out about the elopement.

“Lauren actually called me right when she found out, which was the same day I found out,” Holly told Us magazine at a party last night.

“She was just checking on everybody and making sure the family was OK,” Holly adds.

That’s very considerate of Lauren to check up on the family she since knew everyone would be upset.  Do you think there is still hope for a reconciliation between Lauren and Heidi in the future?

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