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Michelle Williams Excited About “Wendy and Lucy”

Posted on: December 10, 2008

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Looking cute as always actress Michelle Williams was spotted taking a walk around New York City yesterday afternoon after doing a little Christmas shopping earlier in the day.

In other news Michelle is excited to start work on her latest film “Wendy and Lucy”.  She recently told the press: “It’s a gift to be able to work in the exact way that you have always wanted to. I feel really lucky. The performances aren’t performances, they’re just like a documentary, you feel like you are spying on people, and that has always been the kind of filmmaking that I like.”

Earlier this year Michelle had debated about taking a year off of working in the industry just because of the death of her former fiance Heath Ledger.  But I’m glad that she’s getting back to work!  It’s great therapy to do what you love.

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