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Stephanie Pratt Talks Heidi and Spencer’s Wedding

Posted on: December 10, 2008

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When you’re a young Hollywood starlet the best thing to go is blow your money on a big shopping spree!  Yesterday “The Hills” reality star Stephanie Pratt was spotted doing a little shopping down Robertson Boulevard.

In a recent interview Stephanie sat down with MTV News and talked about her brother Spencer Pratt‘s elopement with Heidi Montag.

“Well, [my friend] Cameron and I were going to meet my mom at breakfast, and I think my mom read [about the elopement] on Perez Hilton. She’s on her phone, and she didn’t believe it all. She wasn’t upset, but I totally believed it. And then she talked to [Spencer], and he said, ‘Yeah, we did.’”

Before I posted an article with a quote from Heidi’s mom saying that Heidi made the biggest mistake of her life and she would give them 6 months (to see if their marriage survived that long).

“Heidi’s mom actually called my mom and was really apologetic and crying,” she explained. “They took a lot of her things, like her tongue-in-cheek things, out of context. … It was her first interview.”

At the end of the interview Stephanie said that everyone is really happy for Spencer in the end regardless of all the opposition this marriage and relationship has received.

“The general consensus, with all the family members, is that we’re all really happy for them.”

Do you think Heidi and Spencer will last?

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