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Vanessa Hudgens: Thankful For HSM

Posted on: December 11, 2008

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Vanessa Hudgens was spotted spending some of her hard earned cash yesterday while out shopping at Planet Blue in West Hollywood, California on Wednesday afternoon.

Even though “High School Musical” is definitely over for Hudgens she cant stop talking about how thankful she is for such a great opportunity.  Vanessa told the press that since she was home schooled going through “high school” in the HSM movies was a dream come true.

“This has been my high school experience. I got to make that close group of friends you have in high school.  I got to graduate with them, to throw my cap in the air for the very first time. And I guess I got to have a fairytale prom.”

The last day of filming the third HSM, Vanessa said that production was delayed because of all of the emotion going on set!

“The last day was just too many tears.  We actually couldn’t get back to filming because Kenny (Ortega, director) made this announcement, and the hair and make-up (people) were saying ‘We can’t get make-up on them because they won’t stop crying.’”

Despite some reports that the cast was tired of returning for another sequel, Vanessa said she was overjoyed when she heard about the prospect of a third film being shot.

“When I heard that we were doing a third one, I could not have been more excited because they’re my best friends. And you’re getting to do what you love, which is acting, singing and dancing.”

I can honestly say that I was never a fan of HSM but these kids certainly have made something of themselves through these movies!

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