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Mariah Carey Faces Pregnancy Rumors

Posted on: December 12, 2008

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Happy singer Mariah Carey arrived at the CBS studios in New York City alongside her husband Nick Cannon for a taping of The Early Show.  that morning CBS paired up with Macy’s “Believe” Campaign and Make-A-Wish Foundation where one special child got to meet Mariah and was showered with a plethora of gifts.

As for those pesky baby rumors, Mariah just recently canceled her world
tour which only fueled the pregnancy rumors.

“Costume designers and dancers were all called Wednesday and told the tour is off.  Most were hysterically crying because they were relying on her for a paycheck this holiday season.”

That is so sad to hear about all the jobs laid off for the season.  I hope that Mariah has a really good reason for this.

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