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David and Victoria Beckham Sighted in Milan

Posted on: December 21, 2008

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David Beckham, Victoria Beckham

They are probably the most fashionable couple in Hollywood to date and last night David Beckham was spotted being accompanied by his wife Victoria Beckham as they left the Four Seasons hotel and went on their way to the San Sir Stadium in Milan.

As you might of heard David and Victoria have up and moved to Milan, Italy while David is in his off season while playing for the Galaxy American soccer team.  In a recent interview David talked about the move from England to American which put the soccer star under a lot of criticism.

“Moving to America was a big step for me because there were a lot of people who were criticizing the move, but I still believe it was a move where I wanted to challenge myself and I was able to challenge myself in different ways. But I have always said that I would always miss playing at the highest level.”

But as for his fellow team mates David said that he knows success will come and they will soon get to the highest level there is.

“I’m not saying that in America they won’t get to the highest level — it will take time and it will happen. But with five months off during the season I personally can’t do that… I needed to be able to be playing top-flight football to keep myself fit, to keep myself in contention for other things that are going on.”


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