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Jennifer Aniston Leaves John Mayer’s Apartment

Posted on: December 21, 2008


With a huge smile on her face “Marley and Me” actress Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving her boyfriend John Mayer‘s apartment earlier this morning after a fun filled evening out the night before in the Big Apple.

Jennifer is currently in the Big Apple to do some promotional work for her latest film “Marley and Me” co-starring actor Owen Wilson. As for her latest run in the tabloids Jennifer told The Early Show that the best way to combat those nasty rags is to walk right past them as fast as you can!

“It’s funny,” she explained. “I mean, I honestly see it as a different person. It’s just—well, because the (tabloid) headlines are just outrageous, so you usually get a kick out of that. But you just kind of go—you try to walk past it as fast as you possibly can, honestly.”

It’s true that ever since she started dating musician John Mayer that she’s been more prevelent in the headlines. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that John can’t keep his mouth shut about the relationship!



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Love her….she’s great and I hope her and John have a great future together!

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