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Katie Holmes: Exhausted From Broadway

Posted on: December 21, 2008


She’s starting to show the signs of what it takes to be on Broadway and last night actress Katie Holmes was spotted on her way to the Gerald Scoenfeld Theater in New York City for another show of “All My Sons”.  I wonder if Katie will want to do another onstage play since she’s looking so exhausted so near the holidays!

In other news Katie was quited in the “The Black Book Of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets” a book all about the hushed pregnancies of young Hollywood starlets that will also feature inside peaks from actresses Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson.

Inside the book Katie was quoted saying, “We were in Berlin and I was impressed with their playgrounds. It’s amazing what you become aware of as a mother. You think, ‘Nice wood on that swing set’.”

Katie definitely has proven to be one of the better Hollywood moms since she is so attentive to her little girl.  But rumors of Suri Cruise being a brat and spoiled doesn’t show good parenting tactics.  Do YOU believe the rumors or would you err on the side of Katie being a regular mum with strict but loving rules?


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