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Paris Hilton is So Over Benji Madden

Posted on: December 21, 2008


Ever since her break up with boyfriend Benji Madden, hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been seen hitting the party scene hard yet again despite her claims that she’s changed her ways and is ready to settle down.

Last night Paris was spotted out partying with her new best friend Brittany at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood, California.  The pair were seen partying with high profile actor George Clooney who left at the same time as the girls through a back entrance to the club.

In an earlier interview this year Benji described his then girlfriend Paris Hilton as “wife material”.  He said, “I always knew that she was, like, wife material, or serious girlfriend material,” Madden said.

When asked if there would be an engagement soon Benji told, “nothing would make me happier” than spending the rest of his life with Paris.  He continued to say, “I’m not gonna bet against you on that. We’ll see. I’m very, very happy right now.”  So what happened?  Some sources are saying that Paris was bored with the rock star life and missed the clubs and others say she cheated.  I guess it’s up to you to decided what story you’re going to buy!


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Dan Tana’s restaurant is a place where people go to eat, there is NO party scene there.

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