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Jessica and Cash Warren Celebrate Their Wedding Reception

Posted on: December 23, 2008

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Looking quite happy for a mommy/daddy date night out, new parents Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren were spotted out enjoying dinner with a couple of friends at the Frida restaurant in Los Angeles, California on Monday night.

According to Star magazine and its sources, Jess and Cash just celebrated their wedding reception this past friday with friends and family gathered around for the exciting event.

“Jessica and Cash welcomed their closest friends and family to their home for a warm celebration of their spring wedding,” a source tells Star of the couple, who tied the knot during a casual ceremony at the Beverly Hills courthouse on May 19. “They’ve been planning this reception for a long time and waited until the holidays so more of their out-of-town guests could come.”

Despite the unusal chilly air in LA, Jess decided to kick the party outside making sure to provide heaters to keep the guests warm and cosy long into the night.

“Cash and Jessica decorated with Christmas greenery, filling the rooms with a festive air,” adds the source. “They set up tents outside for their guests to mingle, with the rolling hills behind the house serving as a gorgeous backdrop. Heat lamps kept the guests cozy. Decorations were all white.”

During the reception speeches of their “dedication to one another” were given by the couple.  Their daughter Honor Marie was dressed in a sweet grey dress modeled after the one her mother was wearing.  According to a witness everyone at the event was overjoyed for the couple.

“There were no tears,” said one attendee, “just lots of happiness and love. It felt extremely special for everyone.”

The happiness even spread to the usually somber faced Jessica who was described as being “giddy” the entire night!

“Jessica and Cash were just glowing,” continues the source, “and Jessica was giddy the entire night, excited and happy to show off the baby and their home.”

Do YOU think that Jess and Cash have what it takes to make a Hollywood marriage last?

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