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Lindsay and Sam Share a Hugh

Posted on: December 27, 2008

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Still going strong after much media disbelief, lesbian couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were spotted grabbing some iced coffee drinks at a local coffee stop in West Hollywood, California. The agency said that they stopped at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but the cups look like Starbucks so you make the call.

In other news Lindsay’s estranged father Michael Lohan is infamously known for talking to the press about his relationship with Lindsay and her personal life. Now he’s taking to blogging and has his own website set up over at www.mikelohanonline.com where he will be indulging in his own dirty habits of dishing about Lindsay’s personal life and their not so private feud.  It’s a wonder to me that Dina does not try to stop this.

In his first post Michael talked about accusations made by Lindsay.

Today, on TMZ, my darling daughter Lindsay was asked for a comment in response to me saying, “Samantha is on drugs!” Lindsay’s only response was, “look at him!”

WOW! Linds, how forthright!

Let me ask you; was it me who was actually pictured in the train station with a bag full of prescription drugs? Do you see me out partying with Lindsay, my other children or having raging wars with her? Was it me who jumped out of a DJ booth and punched Lindsay when she was with Calum Best? Did I drive Lindsay around for hours in LA until she fell asleep and before I ran low on gas only to call the paps and sell pictures to them? Uh uh!

Do you think it’s a good thing that Michael is trying to tell his side of the story or should he just keep his mouth shut?

More pictures after the jump.

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