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Kate Beckinsale: “A Modern Dream Come True”

Posted on: December 30, 2008

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She’s one of Hollywood’s brightest actresses and just recently Kate Beckinsale sat down to talk about her life with husband Len and her daughter Lily by her former lover Michael.

“We’re a family with two dads. Somehow it all works out. Lily walks around the house going, ‘Daddy!’ and several people say, ‘Yes?’ It’s kind of funny. ‘No, not you, the other one!'”

Kate feels so lucky to have what she calls “a modern dream come true”.

“Last week, Lily was talking about a friend whose parents are divorced, saying, ‘Oh it’s so sad!’ And I said ‘Do you never feel like you’re from divorced parents? Because you are, even though Michael and I weren’t technically married.’ And she goes, ‘No! Divorced parents wait in the car outside and everyone is mean to each other, and it’s not like that with us.”

“Michael had a huge beard recently and I decided it would be fun if Lily got to shave it off. So we got Len’s clippers and shaved Michael. I’m sure that’s why Lily doesn’t feel like she has split parents. Your stepfather helping to shave your dad isn’t something that necessarily happens in every household.”

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