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Katy Perry and Travis McCoy Split

Posted on: January 3, 2009

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Singer Katy Perry has called it quits with her boyfriend of two years Travis McCoy.  The front man to Gym Class Heroes and his “I Kissed A Girl” babe reportedly ended their relationship on bad terms with sources saying that the two were non-stop fighting.

“It’s sad, but they were fighting a lot because they never saw each other and now she is going on tour. She just needed a clear head. It’s been non-stop work for her,” an insider told Us magazine.

Travis added to evidence that the two broke up because of their constant fighting by posting lyrics to a song he wrote about his break up with Miss Perry.

We fight every night, now that’s not kosher
I reminisce with bliss of when we was closer
And wake up to be greeted by an argument again
You act like you’re ten
So immature, I try to concentrate on a cure
And keep lookin’ at the front door
Thinkin’ if I were to evacuate
You’d probably be straighter than straight
And wouldn’t have so much hate
‘Cause you don’t know the pain
I feel when I see you smilin’
And when I roll up you start wilin’
So I front like everything’s hunky-dory
But it’s a whole different story
You don’t like the fact that I’m me I don’t put on a show
When it comes time for you to have company
And your friends don’t understand your choice of man
They speak proper while my speech is from a gargabe can
But regardless, you shouldn’t have to be so raw
I’m lookin’ at the front door

Prior to the split Katy talked to the press about her relationship with Travis saying that they were on the track to planning a wedding.

“Planning a wedding and promoting a record—those two things don’t exist in the same sentence. You have to just enjoy each other because people change, you know.”

“And either you can change with them and evolve with them and then you start to realize OK, we can do this, this can happen for a long time, or, you change. You realize you know that you are turning into a different person. Who knows? You know, he has a busy life too, and life is busy over here,” Perry adds.

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