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Fergie Ready to Loose Weight and Not Ready For Babies

Posted on: January 5, 2009

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After gaining weight for a recent movie role, singer Fergie was spotted out working up a sweat with a pregnant female friend as the ladies went for a walk in Brentwood, California.

In other news her wedding date with fiance Josh Duhamel is fast approacing (the couple weds January 10th) but as of right now the couple has decided to wait on children.

“First, let’s get the rest of all this weight off that I put on [for her upcoming movie Nine]. Second, we’re going out with another Black Eyed Peas tour, and that has to be wrapped before we begin to start a family. But, yes, we both want babies!”

As for the extra weight Fergie told the press how she was able to easily gain the weight saying she practically ate fast food at the time!

“I literally pigged out and stopped working out.  I went to In-N-Out Burger and just ate what I wanted. I really went for it. I loved it. I felt a complete glutton because I didn’t say no to anything, and I knew I was getting bigger by the moment without even looking in a mirror. I moved differently because my body was getting bigger.”

Now that’s a dream!  I wouldn’t mind getting paid a couple thousand (or million) to pack on a few pounds.  And to be honest I can’t really tell that Fergie gained weight.  She looks better now then she did before!  There were too many veins showing before the weight gain.

As for loosing the weight it’s easier said then done for the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer.

“I’m not shedding the pounds right off, though. It’s not easy trying to get healthy again and stay that way. It’s hard because, whereas I gave up working out, now I’m back working out every day. We’re going hiking, and I’m doing tons of sit-ups and walking and running twice as much as Josh does just to keep up with him.”

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