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Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway Meet in NYC

Posted on: January 5, 2009

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I for one can not wait to head out and see “Bride Wars”.  I think the pair up of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway was a GREAT move by the casting director.  I’m a fan of both of these actresses and so far the trailer looks great!

Earlier this morning Kate and Anne were spotted out doing some promotional work while in New York City.  Reportedly the ladies headed over to an office building to do a photo shoot for ads coming out soon.

In a recent interview Anne told the press that she is in no rush to get married especially since her last relationship ended so badly – and with her man in jail!

“All I know is I don’t feel any pressure to get married. I don’t feel it from my family or my friends. Or even from within. I wonder if this pressure is something women place on themselves. I just want to live the happiest life ever. If you’re the person who doesn’t want to get married, then don’t get married. Who cares? It you want to commit yourself and have that piece of paper then go for it. Just be yourself.”

As for Kate she’s still trying to figure out who is Mr. Right.  She was married once before and had one child, son Ryder, but it sounds like she’s not turned off to the idea of getting married again.

“I don’t know yet who the perfect guy is. I do know that I like honest guys. That gets me going. I also like men who are really upfront about who they are and what they want. Sadly, those guys are really hard to find.”

More pictures after the jump.

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