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Oprah Winfrey Talks Weight Gain

Posted on: January 5, 2009

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Besides being the most succssful woman on television, talk show host Oprah Winfrey has famously battled her weight for the past decade.  Right now the media mogul weighs over 200lbs after famously committing to loose weight and keep it off.

In a recent interivew Oprah talked about her battle with food calling it more an ‘abuse’ of food rather than an addiction.  She said, “It’s not about the food.  It’s about using food – abusing food. Too much work. Not enough play. Not enough time to come down. Not enough time to really relax.  I am hungry for balance. I’m hungry to do something other than work.”

Oprah also confessed to having made the decision not to appear on the front of her magazine because she knew of the weight gain and was afraid what people would think.  She told the press, “I’ve been hiding my body because I didn’t want you to see it.  Here I am, one of the most visible people in the world, trying not to be seen on the cover of my own magazine.”

As for her 2009 new years resolution Oprah, like millions of her viewers and fans, are swearing to get healthy once again and get to a healthy weight that’s right for her body.  “This is the year of hopefulness.  My goal is to be the weight that my body can hold and be healthy and strong and fit and be itself. One of the things I had to learn to do is to embrace this body that I have and be grateful for what this body has given me.  God blessed me and this body. I mean, I could weep right now thinking about the love and appreciation I have for this body. For that, I am truly grateful.”

Good luck Oprah!

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