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Kim Kardashian Filming a Dance Video

Posted on: January 12, 2009


Looking slender in an all black work out get up Kim Kardashian was seen chatting away on her cell phone as she entered a gym in West Hollywood, California on Monday afternoon.  Word is that Kim is there to film a new dance video based on her time with Dance With the Stars.  I guess they don’t care that she was eliminated….

During the Golden Globe parties Kim talked to the press about her budding desire tobecome a mother.  She said: “I do [have motherhood on my mind]. I was just at a basketball game with a friend who has two babies and Kourtney and I were holding them and she looked over to me and was like ‘this is us in ten years’ and I was like no, ‘this is us in just a few years.'”

I guess this means that Kim’s boyfriend Reggie Bush better do a little shopping….


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lmao @ kim doing a dance video.

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