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Ali Lohan is Now An Extraordinary Woman

Posted on: January 29, 2009

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So apparently even though she doesn’t have a huge fan base, hasn’t done anything to better the world, and basically has done nothing except be a brat on “Living Lohan” little miss Ali Lohan is now considered an “Extraordinary Woman” by photographer Jonathan Ressler.

Yup, that’s right!  Ali was seen on the streets of New York City earlier today catching the eyes of some onlookers as she shot some rolls for Jonathan’s “Extraordinary Woman Exhibit” which features “inspiring” and “amazing” woman acording to Ressler.

“Extraordinary Women is the result of a long career spent working with inspiring and amazing women. From all this experience, (Ressler) has taken portraits of 50 of the most remarkable women anyone is likely to meet. Each woman stands apart: beautiful, graceful, compassionate, wise and brave; individual and unforgettable.”

Well I’ve read that paragraph about eight times and I still don’t think that Ali fits the mold.    Oh wait….there’s more.  Ali might just fit this next paragraph!

“Shot across the world, these portraits capture the extraordinary character of each of the subjects. Some of the subjects being Poets, ballet dancers, actresses, artists, executives and teachers – these women come from all corners, each making her own mark on history.”

“Making her own mark on history”…..Hmmm, what exactly is Ali marking history with???  Yes, my point.  SHE’S COMPLETELY UNWORTHY OF THIS!!!

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