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Rebecca Romijn Looks Unbelievable!

Posted on: January 29, 2009

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You tell me how this is even fair.  Rebecca Romijn gave birth to TWINS two months ago and she already looks this good!  It’s as if she never WAS pregnant!  I have got to know this girl’s secret!

Here she is running a few errands around Calabasas, California.  Speaking of her twin daughters Rebecca chose the names Dolly and Charlie for her two little girls.  Wonder how she came up with them?

“They had twin girls, Dolly and Charlie.  Rebecca likes Dolly Parton, so they named the one after Dolly Parton, and Jerry got to name the other one Charlie, but his brother’s name is Charlie—and it’s a girl Charlie.”

I feel bad for Charlie….Poor kid will have an gender crisis when she hits puberty!

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