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Looking like they are best friends already both Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton were spotted parting at the Nokia 5800 launch party held at Punk Soho in London, England last night.

Paris is in the UK to promote and film her British version of “My New BFF” while Lady Gaga is over there for music realted business.  Perhaps these two will end up being the best friends. HA

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Wow! What a fan frenzy that Miley Cyrus and her mother Leticia had to go through while shopping yesterday!

The ladies had to be escorted by the police as they walked to and from the shops at the Americana shopping mall in Glendale on Tuesday.

Despite the chaos surrounding them Miley made sure to stop and sign a few autographs for some fans before continuing on her retail romp.

In other news Miley recently talked to the press about what it was like to preform a mini-concert for the Obama girls during the inaugurational weekend.

“I don’t think a family has ever been so famous – so that’s kind of crazy. I really hope they keep their heads on the ground. They were taking pictures like every other fan – they were really cool and appreciative of me being there. I really liked that.”

What an opportunity for the young star to preform at such a prestigious event!

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It was a late night for “The City” reality starlet Whitney Port who was seen catching a red-eye out of the LAX airport earlier this morning.

Whitney recently talked to Tyra Banks about her dating life being displayed on national television every week.

“I am dating on the show. It was something I was really nervous about. Clearly, I mean, who wants to date while having three cameras around you? I mean, it’s not an ideal situation.”

That would be pretty stressful!  Plus your parents can keep tabs on you no matter what every single week!

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Eva Longoria was sporting a longer hair style this time around as she made her way around Beverly Hills, California yesterday.  The “Desperate Housewives” actress was see leaving Pete’s Cafe with a male companion after grabbing a cup of coffee to go.

From there she headed over to the Urth Cafe for a quick snak before stopping in at the Ken Paves hair salon for her big night tonight.

After running her errands around town Eva headed home to get ready for her night out.  Then she was spotted arriving at the restaurant Beso in West Hollywood, California last night.  It seems like Eva checks in there a lot and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

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Now that they are officially a married couple, newlyweds Josh Duhamel and Fergie are planning to adopt.  A source close to the couple said: “They are seriously considering adopting.”

However Fergie is enjoying her life in the spotlight and it’s quite ready to give it all up for a child.

“Fergie isn’t ready to put her career on hold to have a child right now, but she knows starting a family is important to Josh and wants to make him happy.”

So instead of taking 9 months leave to give birth and then a couple months after that to get situation and her body back in shape, Fergie and Josh compromised on the idea of starting a family and decided to go with adoption as the best alternative.

“They decided that adopting is the perfect solution. They can start their family without Fergie having to put her on the back burner.”

It seems like they aren’t really adopting because they have a heart for orphaned children but merely to convenience their lives.  Do you think that is the right thing to do?

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Looking adorable in an aqua blue scar “Transformers” actress Jessica Alba was spotted leaving the home of her acting coach in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday after getting some tips and pointers for honing her technique in acting.

I think it’s great that Jessica thinks she has some room for improvement.  Most actors think that after they star in one succesful movie then they’ve got it all.  They don’t try to improve their acting and just eventually go stagnant.   It’s just great to see Jessica brushing up her skills!

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It’s a rare thing whenever I get to post about Brad Pitt without the ever present Angelina Jolie by his side.  What a treat!

Here is Brad promoting his latest movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan earlier today.  I love his outfit but I’m not liking the hat.  Feels a bit boyish to me.