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About WYB

WYB (When You’re Bored) is just an entertainment news website. Take note that this website is gossip fueled and consists of many rumors. Not all is fact.  If you have any questions, just shoot me an email or leave a comment.

We appreciate all kinds of comments, unless they are spam. Also refrain from using crude language and inappropriate language.  Any comments with cussing, swearing, or inappropriate language or comments of hostile nature will be deleted.

4 Responses to "About WYB"


I’m looking to reach out regarding some music content you might be interested in for your blog. Please send me an e-mail inquiring about ‘Soundcheck’ if you’re interested.


This is The Official TeenScoops.
We just found about your site, from another URL that we think is related to this one “hannahmontana.biggersister.com”. I think they have post from your site!! They are taking from mine as well many! I always recieve spam comments from them!
But since I’m writting the comment, I really want to tell you, that your site is AMAZING! Good Job! But I think you should get more widgets in it! It will look much better!
And I bet you have MANY visits everyday, you should get your site nominated on TopOfBlogs.com, I’m sure your rank will be a good one!

Good Luck.
The Official TeenScoops Staff.

I’m interested in advertising on your site. Please contact me!

omg i lov u i am ur biggest and # 1 fan i think u r better than the pussycat dolls i think u look better than them if u had a competition of who singed
better and who looked better well peace out homies and i hope u have a bunch of fans and that u keep writing good songs and i will always lov u guys peace around the world for generations

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