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It looked like a rough day on singer Amy Winehouse who kept being hounded by the nagging paparazzi.  I think it would be kind of disturbing to have a throng of people with cameras waiting outside of your house until you came out every single day.  I’d feel like I was being stalked!  But legally!

 Later in the night Amy headed out with a couple friends to a local bar and then headed home with a pit stop at her local convenience store to pick up some goodies to probably nurse her hang over away the next morning.  But from the looks of what she bought it was all sugar….not good honey. 

amy-winehouse-night-448-6.jpg amy-winehouse-night-448-5.jpg amy-winehouse-night-448-7.jpg amy-winehouse-night-448-12.jpg

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wenn1804369.jpgAmy Winehouse really is the most devoted wife I ever did see.  She visits her husband Blake in jail more than once a week!  Most women don’t have all that time on their hands, but I guess since they don’t have children that frees her up a bit.Amy went to visit Blake yesterday but was denied visitation because she showed up late.  Even that pin didn’t win the guard over.  Better luck next time honey. 

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Amy Winehouse is seriously considering re-entering rehab this year. I think this is a great idea. Rehab was good for her, but now she’s starting to slip back into her old ways, and it’s good to cut that in the bud before that progresses.

There are too many temptations for her in the UK — people around her in London are making it impossible for her to stay clean for any length of time. Her management had considered flying her to a clinic in Israel but are now looking further afield. They are assessing a clinic in Cape Town in South Africa.”


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Amy Winehouse has been having some skin issues all over her face that shows open sores and bleeding.  Amy’s rep claims that it’s impetigo.  Amy is so desperate to clear up her face that she’s taken her “doctor’s advice” and started rubbing her morning’s pee all over her face.

Amy’s sick of turning heads for all the wrong reasons when she’s out. She has tried all sorts of lotions and potions but none works. She is desperately unhappy with her appearance and she is happy to try anything that may clear up her condition. She is praying the urine ointment will work.”

Maybe she should consider switching doctors….


Amy Winehouse visited her incarcerated husband Blaaake and worried on lookers as she stumbled through the streets.  It looks like Amy is back on crack.  Check out the rest of the photos – there are some interesting pictures!



Amy Winehouse filled in her cab driver on the condition of her skin problem after doing some grocery shopping on Sunday near her London home.


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You have GOT to check out the rest of these photos! This is the funniest set of pictures I’ve seen of anyone in a while!!

Here is Amy Winehouse leaving her home at 2am on her way to the London club Bungalow 8, and then returning to her London home later that night (or … early morning?). Amy wasn’t missed by the throng of paparazzi waiting outside of her house, and they followed her all the way to and back.

On her way home Amy stopped by a goods store to pick up something for her sweet tooth before dropping her keys on the pavement and heading home.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.

amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-2.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-6.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-14.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-15.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-18.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-19.jpg amy-winehouse-bungalow-368-20.jpg