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The only daughter and living child to the late Anna Nicole Smith has been named sole heir to Anna’s fortune. Dannielynn Hope is also in the runnings to inherit millions more from Anna’s ex husband.

Dannielynn could inherit millions of dollars if the estate wins an ongoing court fight over the oil fortune of Smith’s late second husband, J. Howard Marshall. Smith at one point won a $474 million judgment but it was eventually reduced to zero. In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated her claim, but Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote that Marshall didn’t include anything for Smith in his will.

I hope she doesn’t become another socialite once she matures.



Could Larry Birkhead be gay?  He looks the part…

Big Moe, former bodyguard of Larry’s late ex Anna Nicole Smith, claims that Larry is indeed gay!

Anybody that’s been around Anna, they would know that Larry wouldn’t be her type. First of all, she liked men that was wealthy, I mean that’s no secret.

But is that really enough evidence?  Love can look beyond money some times, but I definitely wouldn’t put it beyond Anna to just hook up with Larry for pleasure now and then.  Big Moe says that because Anna knew of the kind of “lifestyle” Larry was leading, their relationship would be “nothing but an arrangement”.

Big Moe even goes as far as to say that Anna Nicole actually confesses that she knew all along!

Well, she told me that, you know, he was a homosexual. She knew deep down that he didn’t want to be with her.” 

Why didn’t this ever come up in the custody battle?  Larry’s coming out could have been a BIG factor in the reliability of his story that he concieved a child with Anna.

Big Moe also disapproves of Larry selling pictures of baby Dannielynn of the first time she visited her mother’s grave site.

I thought that was very disgusting, I thought it was staged. I do believe he loves his daughter, but the thing is, when he comes on TV and he parades her off, it seems like it’s like a laugh in Anna’s face. Like, ‘Ha! I got her anyway!’

I can understand that point.  No matter who your kid is, or who you are, OR even how badly you need money, selling pictures of your children is completely off limits.  They didn’t choose your lifestyle, so don’t force it on them.