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Audrina Patridge made sure that she dressed to impress last night at the Kenneth Cole Celebrates The Awareness Fund hosted in Los Angeles, California.  Audrina has finally graduated to walking the red carpet solo, without best friend Lauren Conrad.  Ever since her nude pictures hit the internet, her popularity and paparazzi sightings have increased dramatically give socialite Paris Hilton a run for her money.  In fact, Audrina’s nude photographs were the most talked about event prior to the premier season of The Hills.   




Audrina Patridge is doing a fine job of keeping herself in the spotlight.  Ever since the premier of MTV’s The Hills the focus has been on once best friends, now bitter rivals, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad.  But Audrina has been waiting patiently in the background for her time to shine.

Ever since nude photographs of Audrina, taken when she was 18, were leaked onto the internet, Audrina has been taking this new found interest from the media and running with it.  She’s scheduled a mega of events, starting off with a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on his morning talking show.

Here is Audrina leaving Live with Regis and Kelly earlier this morning.  She was on the show to talk about the scandalous pictures and the girl who sold them.

 audrina-patridge-regis-3318-2.jpg audrina-patridge-regis-3318-7.jpg

audrinapussy4.jpgReality star

Audrina Patridge hosted an event at the Las Vegas night club Pure last night alongside the singing sensation The Pussycat Dolls.  The girls were dressed from head to toe in lingerie. 

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It was an eventful day for MTV reality tv star Audrina Patridge.  First on the order was lunch at the LA cafe Newsroom, with a girl friend.  Then it was off to the tattoo parlor after deciding over lunch which one to get (looks like her friends has lots of experience in this area).

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The Hills castmember is still feeling the pain of the nude pictures she posed for when fresh out of highschool and a a baby 18 years old.

“They were intended for my personal use and portfolio only. I never imagined they would come out.  I know who it was because she’s the only one who ever had the photos. I was betrayed. I never thought she would do that.”

When you’re famous you have to be careful who you can trust, and that means covering up your tracks.  Audrina was again confronted by the paparzzi while out to eat with a female friend last night at the STK Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.



Lauren Conrad looked a bit annoyed as she exited the Beatrice Inn last night after celebrating the return of “The Hills” with co-stars Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge (in the pictures below).


lauren-conrad-hills-premiere-3248-13.jpgFrom left to right, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port were celebrating at MTV’s premier party for their very successful reality TV show, The Hills.  Among the A-list celebs were stars like Mariah Carey (not pictured).  The show left us hanging with Heidi and Spencer on the verge of a break-up and Lauren officially moving on from ex Brody Jenner by flirting with as many French boys she could find while in Paris for the fashion week.

Check out more pictures below of the party.  I love how all the girls are wearing such different colors – yet we see Lauren in her typical black.  She needs to break out of that mold more often!