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celeb slam

Kristie Alley was seen in this gorgeous ensemble while leaving a Beauty Salon in California this Wednesday.  I wonder what the before looked like – seems like the worked wonders on her!

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After being let go from her job as a spokes person for three years for the weight lost program Jenny Craig, Kristie Alley has decided to come up with her own weight loss program.  Krisite said she will “develop and pilot my own weight-loss brand that I hope to launch in 2009.”

The way she describes it is just awesomely hilarious!

“I want to create something new that will help millions of people end the seemingly never ending fatty-roller coaster ride.”

I’m just not sure if I’m ready to take advice about loosing weight from someone who has too much of it already….That might be mean, but it’s true.


Kristie Alley is out of a job! She’s been the spokes person for Jenny Craig‘s weight loss program for 3 years but they’ve let her go and aren’t renewing her contract. I’m glad to be seeing less of her – one look was wayyyyy too much.