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Miley Cyrus went out of her normal routine today and stopped by the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with momager Leticia before heading into the recording studio.  Okay, so she goes there every day, but I’m tired of reporting the same happenings for Miley!  We need her to start filming that upcoming Hannah Montana movie so we can see the wardrobe! 


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miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-21.jpgMiley Cyrus first became famous from her hit Disney tv series Hannah Montana.  After topping the charts and receiving every award out there possible (well almost), Miley is back in the studio recording for the upcoming movie The Hannah Montana Movie.  

The flick will be filming in Nashville during the summer, where Miley is relocating to for the mean time.Miley reveals that this movie will be more about the Miley side and less about the celebrity life of her alter-ego Hannah Montana. 

“It’s going to be really cool, really funny,” Cyrus tells MTV. “It’s showing more of the Miley side of life, more of the normal girl kind of figuring herself out type thing.

I know I probably won’t catch the movie, but my little sisters are already alllll over that!


Miley Cyrus was back to work this Monday after a family outing on Sunday afternoon after church.  Miley and her mom Leticia were spotted making a pit stop to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Monday afternoon before heading into the Levels Audio Recording Studio to work on her upcoming album.  

On the side note, I love Miley’s style.  So cute and relaxed, yet older looking than she really is.

miley-cyrus-work-3318-1.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-4.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-7.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-8.jpg

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miley-cyrus-family-3308-5.jpg There really are a lot of women in Miley Cyrus‘s family. Miley and her female relations headed out to church on Sunay morning and then to a nearby nail salon for a litte pampering. I wonder what Dad Billy Rae Cyrus thinks of all this estrogen in one place! 

miley-cyrus-family-3308-3.jpg miley-cyrus-family-3308-10.jpg miley-cyrus-family-3308-18.jpg miley-cyrus-family-3308-19.jpg

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Miley Cyrus was beyond happy after winning two awards last night at the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards in Westwood, California.  Miley won in Favorite Female Singer and Favorite TV Actress.  She gave thanks to her family, managers, and “her Lord and Savior Jesus”.

Later in the evening Miley changed outfits to give an energy packed performance.

 Check out more pictures below of Miley walking the red carpet, inside the ceremony, and posing with the Jonas Brothers below.

 miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-3.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-6.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-14.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-25.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-28.jpg


This little girl is growing up before our eyes!  Miley Cyrus gave a high energy performance at the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards last night in Westwood, California.

 When accepting the award for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite TV Actress, the Hannah Montana star made sure to give a thanks for “her Lord and Savior Jesus” as well as other influential people in her career, such as her family and managers.

Check out more pictures of Miley’s performance last night below.

 miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-15.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-17.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-19.jpg miley-cyrus-kids-choice-3298-22.jpg


Ohhhh no.  She’s started posing for the paps now!  The rumors of Miley turning into Britney have started to evolve into actual enactment on Miley’s part! Miley was spotted with her mother Tish (picture below) while out running some errands.

At one point, Miley posed with one of the paparazzi who gave her a gift of a peace symbol on a necklace.  Miley immediately put it on after showing her mother.  After all the excitement the ladies got connected to their personal lives, both becoming engrossed in their cell phones. 

miley-cyrus-music-3278-3.jpg miley-cyrus-music-3278-5.jpg miley-cyrus-music-3278-6.jpg miley-cyrus-music-3278-7.jpg miley-cyrus-music-3278-9.jpg miley-cyrus-music-3278-12.jpg