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babyharlowandmommy.jpgNicole Richie will start designing on a women’s maternity clothing line this year and will be primarily inspired by the maternity line Richie favored during her pregnancy….that is, Belenciaga.  Richie said that she “wore so much Belenciagia during [her] pregnancy”.  Boyfriend Joel Madden‘s t-shirts were also a favorite when Nicole could no longer fit into hers.  

“My line will be about making women look and feel good at a really emotional time. It’s about showing your best self, not your tired, worn-down self,” the seemingly inexhaustible mom reveals.

I did like Nicole’s fashion sense while pregnant (well it was 50/50) so I think it will be worth checking out.

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babyclothes.jpgNicole Richie stepped out in those freaky sunglasses of hers while out shopping for baby Harlow at the children’s Fred Segal.  The Simple Life star is alone at home with the baby while boyfriend Joel Madden is off touring the world with his band Good Charlotte, twin brother Benji Madden and his girl of the moment, Miss Paris Hilton.

What do you think of Nicole’s outfit?  I think it’s actually cute (the sunglasses are starting to wear on me just because they are sooo different).  Also has all of my favorite colors! 


babyharlowandmommy.jpgNicole Richie took out baby Harlow Winter for a playdate with Jennifer Meyer and her baby girl (father is Toby McGuire).  Nicole kept Harlow all covered up in a car seat.


Nicole Richie attend more schooling at a Traffic Control center fulfilling her duties after her DUI arrest last year. The starlet has recently been left all alone by boyfriend Joel Madden who is currently on a world tour nations away in South Africa. Good think best friend and potential sister in law, Paris Hilton, is there to keep a close watch on her man!

But from the sounds of a source close to the starlet, Nicole is happy and ready to get her life back into order.

“She’s very coopera­tive and humble — she seems determined never to get into the same situation again,” an insider tells Life & Style. “She wants to put the whole ordeal behind her. She has a family to focus on now, and that has given her great strength.”

This is the motherly role that baby Harlow needs to see – not a momma that goes out every night and parties until the next morning.

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Nicole Richie showed off her post-pregnancy body while at the Los Angeles screening of “Trembled Blossums” last night in Beverly Hills at the Epicenter.  Even though she’s settled down from her wild past, I still can’t believe what a transformation Nicole has made before our eyes!  She used to be slightly overweight, but now she’s so petite!  But her fuggly smile still hasn’t changed.  So unnatural looking.




Nicole Richie looked stunning in a floor length cream gown while at the grand opening for boyfriend Joel Madden‘s new clothing line DMCA created with twin brother Benji Madden. Benji’s girlfriend Paris Hilton was also in attendance (see pictures below).

Nicole and Paris were the women of the night, considering their beaus were the stars of the show. However they both dressed very differently. Nicole seemed to be the only lady in a gown that night, reality TV star Audrina Partidge was decked out in her DMCA attire and Paris also donned herself in classic DMCA.  Which outfit do you guys like the best?  Nicole’s stunning post-body show off dress, or Paris’s DMCA duds?  More pictures below.



Socialite Paris Hilton is looking for money a best friend, and had a party last night in Hollywood listing everything she’s looking for.  “Someone I can trust, that’s loyal, and has a sense of humor”.  Sound pretty generic and bland to me, but good qualities to have in a BFF.  I wonder how former BFF Nicole Richie feels about how Paris is launching this campaign to find a replacement.

Check out more pictures of Paris at the party with boyfriend Benji Madden last night.