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Looking adorable in an aqua blue scar “Transformers” actress Jessica Alba was spotted leaving the home of her acting coach in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday after getting some tips and pointers for honing her technique in acting.

I think it’s great that Jessica thinks she has some room for improvement.  Most actors think that after they star in one succesful movie then they’ve got it all.  They don’t try to improve their acting and just eventually go stagnant.   It’s just great to see Jessica brushing up her skills!

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It’s a rare thing whenever I get to post about Brad Pitt without the ever present Angelina Jolie by his side.  What a treat!

Here is Brad promoting his latest movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan earlier today.  I love his outfit but I’m not liking the hat.  Feels a bit boyish to me.

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Schmoozing it up for the cameras, cute coule Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted enjoying their time with the fans in Tokyo, Japan as they attended the premiere for the 3rd HSM movie last night.  It’s been a while since the HSM frenzy started over here in the States but I guess internationally it has yet to cathc up!

Love Vanessa’s dress by the way.

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Australian actress Isla Fischer was spotted out grabbing a cup of coffee earlier today in celebration of Australia Day.

This weekend Isla’s latest movie “Shopaholic” will be premiering in theaters across the country.  Although she’s not addicted to shopping like her character, Isla did point out some similarities.

“I don’t have the shopping bug; I shop rarely and poorly.  But I do relate to [my character]. She’s someone who wants to make the world more beautiful. She has a passion for fashion. She hasn’t really found the confidence yet to have her own voice and know who she is, and throughout the movie and through meeting [Hugh Dancy’s romantic interest], she comes to terms with all that.”

I can’t WAIT to see the movie!

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I guess this means that Paris Hilton‘s USA BFF Brittany is now her former best friend because Paris is in London right now filming for her spin off show “Paris Hilton’s British BFF”.

Last night the heiress was spotted arriving back at the Covent Garden Hotel where she’s staying at during the duration of the filming process.  When asked if Paris would consider Amy Winehouse as a potential best friend, Paris politely responded “no”. “I love her music but I don’t know if I could handle that lifestyle.” Oh yeah, that’s right…Paris has “changed”….

It looks like Paris and her casting team couldn’t even find enough Paris Hilton wannabes because Paris was heared pimping up her reality show trying to add to it’s luster.

“There’s a lot of advantages to being my best friend because I’m a lot of fun, I travel the world, I have a great time, especially when I come to London.”

I can hear that same exact line being said but just substitute “London” for “Australia” when the show moves down under!

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Now this is one tought mama!  Jennifer Garner was spotted leaving a medical building in Los Angeles, California yesterday after visiting for a post-baby checkup appointment earlier that day.  It seems like Jennifer has been so happy these days now that she’s got two children to care for.  I bet her world has turned upside down!


I am SO glad that I was able to get these images because it’s so rare that we get any updates and photographs of British actress Keira Knightly anymore!  She’s one of my favorites and I do wish she was covered here a bit more.

Earlier today Keira was spotted leaving the Chez Paul restaurant in Paris after attending the Chanel couture show at the Pavillon Cambo Capucines as part of the 2009 Paris Fashion Week.