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“Disaster” co-stars Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra playfully kid around while on set yesterday.  The actresses had in hand magazines featuring each other as the cover story.  Kim looked shocked while Carmen looked amused.

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Julia Roberts got all dolled up on Tuesday to film scenes for her upcoming thriller “Duplicity” also starring Clive Owen.

Julia’s husband Danny Moder is working the set as a camerman and the couple headed to the Pantheon to do a little sightseeing before heading back to work.

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Sarah Jessica Parker walked the pink carpet at the “Sex and the City” movie New York City premier on Tuesday.  The actress has been around the world for promotional duties, but has finally made it back to her home state of New York to debut one of the most anticipated films of the year!

Pictured below are also Kristen Davis and Kim Catrall. Ps-Which dress do you like the best?

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After filming in Boston for scenes before, Kate Hudson headed to the New York City set of “Bride Wars” (also starring Anne Hathaway).

Lately Kate has been touring Europe with new boyfriend Lance Armstrong.  Sources are saying the two get along great.

“Kate and Lance have been dating for a couple of weeks.  She and Lance are both physical, passionate people. She’s never been happier.”

Could this mean another marriage for Kate?  Lance is completely different from Ryder’s father Chris Robinson!

New co-stars of the film “All Good Things” Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling were spotted in Manhattan’s Upper West Side this past Saturday continuing the filming of the drama.

The plot of the movie centers around a detective who begins to unravel a missing persons case that looks to spell doom, and quite possibly death, for a New York real estate dynasty heir.

Any movie with Ryan Gosling in it is a movie for me.  I can’t wait until this one comes out!

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Ashley Tisdale enjoyed a break from working as she shopped at the Glendale Mall with her family on Friday during her Memorial Day Weekend.  Ashley’s latest project has been the third High School Musical movie, but lately she signed on to “Picture This” an ABC original family movie.

“Ashley stars in this hilarious teen comedy as Mandy, an unpopular high school senior who lands a date to the biggest party of the year with Drew, the schools hottest guy. But while her dreams are finally coming into focus, with the help of her friends, shell have to battle her overprotective dad and Drews ex-girlfriend, whos determined to keep Mandy away from the bash. In one crazy, adventure-filled day, Mandy strives to get to the party and discovers that popularity can come and go, but good friends will always be in the picture!”

The film will be premiering July 13th, 2008 so mark your calenders!

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Natalie Portman looked sultry while attending a photocall for the jury of the Cannes Film Festival.  Natalie, joined by her fellow judges will determine which film is fit to win the award at the end of the festival.

The festival takes place in Cannes, France and features movies like “Kung Fu Panda” staring Jack Black.