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Paris Hilton is one globe trotting diva!  The celebrity was seen in Moscow, Russia with boyfriend Benji Madden to promote her new fragrance Can Can.  Paris tagged along on the world tour with Benji and his band Good Charlotte, and now Benji is the one being the sidekick while Paris continues to increase her fortune.

Either way I love Paris’s dress.  It’s such a classic.

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Paris Hilton and Benji Madden fuel the rumors of their secret engagement when Paris showed up with Benji at LAX sporting an engagement-style ring on her left hand ring finger.

“It’s actually perfect. (Nicole and I) are like sisters, and they’re twins so it works out well. We do talk about (marriage). I’m so happy. I’m so in love. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

“If you saw us together you’d understand. He’s my boyfriend and my best friend.  We’ve been friends for over six years now and when (Nicole Richie) had Harlow I started going over to the house and we just got a little crush on each other and totally fell in love. He’s hot. He’s not like (a typical musician) at all. He’s the most loyal, honest and incredible person in the world. I feel just blessed to have found him. He’s changed my life.”

Either this is the publicity stunt of a LIFETIME or these two really are engaged but have yet to admit it to even themselves.

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In the fight against MS, Paris Hilton auctioned off a shopping spree with herself to one lucky winner with all the proceeds going to an MS foundation.  The Hilton ladies, Kathy, Paris, and Nicky took their lucky winner on a shopping spree down Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Kathy was the lady to foot the bill (despite the fact that Paris was the one with the original idea).

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After getting her own line of extensions put in her hair Paris Hilton hit Club Villa Saturday night with boyfriend Benji Madden in Los Angeles, California.  Paris was sporting her “B” necklace which stands for “Benji” but Benji seemed to be without his that night.  The couple were mobbed by paparazzi and fans alike, all clamoring for the couples attention.

Paris Hilton was accompanied with boyfriend Benji Madden as she heads to a photo shoot promoting her own line of hair extensions (which cost $79!!!!).  Paris was seen first entering the building with short, cropped hair that was kept down by a scarf.  But an hour or so later the heiress was seen emerging with golden locks and looking like a modern day Rapunzel.

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So apparently Paris Hilton really does walk like that all the timeParis Hilton and her man Benji Madden headed into the Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday.  Paris sent Benji ahead of her, but everyone barely even noticed him as they were all there to see the heiress.

Paris posted outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, signed autographs, and even signed the back of a construction worker nearby!  Paris was on the Late Show to talk about her hair extensions.

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Paris Hilton showed up at the Loft and Garden center in NYC on Wednesday to promote her hair extensions. But she was also sporting a new ring on her left hand. When asked about the engagement style ring (click here to see a close up) Paris said “No, it’s just a present. He’s so sweet”.

Even though they aren’t going to get married sometime soon, they have talked about their future – and they only see each other in it.

“We want to stay together forever,” she said Thursday. “I wouldn’t do a Vegas [wedding]. I don’t know where or when but I do want it to be romantic.”

Paris also admits that seeing Nicole Richie with her daughter Harlow Winter has stirred up her maternal instincts and has her craving for a daughter of her own.

“Nicole is our first friend to have a baby … Seeing Harlow, it really makes me want one. I’ve always wanted to have a baby.”

She has also been enjoying spending her time with “niece” Harlow.

“I’m definitely ‘Aunt Paris.’ ” As for Benji? “He’ll babysit. I can tell he’s gonna be an incredible father. He loves babies.”

Paris also says that Benji has changed her life for the better.

“When I was younger I loved to go out, but now that I’m in a really great relationship it’s so much more fun to stay at home,” she says, “We don’t really like to go out. We have game night, friends come over and play Monopoly. It’s chill.” She also loves pampering her man with some homemade food. “I love to cook for him, I cook great lasagna.”

It’s true that we haven’t seen many pictures of Paris and Benji hitting the clubs (but that could be due to Benji’s hectic touring schedule).

When asked about the many tattoos that Benji has, Paris follows her Dad’s rules when it comes to judging people.

“My dad said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” she said. “He doesn’t act at all like someone who has tattoos everywhere! I love him so much that I don’t pay attention. I don’t even look at the tattoos anymore.”

Click here to see more pictures of Paris promoting her hair extensions.