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EWWWWW!!!!!! Sophia Monk was spotted having a MAJOR shoe malfunction while out and about in New York City recently. She also needs to work on her tan – super uneven and unnatural looking!

*So I’ve seen it reported at Sohpia AND Sophie. Whichever one you want, who cares.

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Sophia Monk wears work out clothes even when she’s running errands!  Monk headed over to a gas station to pick up a pack of cigarettes (what’s the point of working out and keeping your body healthy when you and smoke off years of your life?!). Afterwards Monk went grocery shopping at “Ralphs” before heading home.

I can think of one area that Sophia should focus on in her next work out … her bum.  Take a look in the pictures below…


Sophia Monk has finally let her guard down and let us know what she really thinks about ex Benji Madden.  More power too ya Sohpia!

Sophia looked rather tired and bothered by the paparazzi after exiting a gym late last night in Hollywood, California after what looks like to have been a rigorous workout.  Gotta keep that body in top shape!

Please tell me this was for business.  Sophia Monk and Ryan Seacrest went out to eat at a sushi restaurant last night, but ended up going home after only 2 hours.  From the looks of the second picture these two weren’t exactly attracted to each other (thank God!) and I’m still clinging to the top that this was strictly a business meeting.  But I have no idea what these two would have in common to talk about….

If you can get past the face, then check out the thighs on the leggy Sophia Monk.  Yes, it’s true…her face is nothing special, but after spending the past few months in the gym after her public break up with fiance Benji Madden, Sophia should really have something to show for!  And aren’t we all getting a treat 🙂

Here is Miss Monk heading out for a shopping spree with a female friend yesterday in West Hollywood, California.