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I’ve been thinking about adding a fashion section to WYB for a little while now. Every now and then I’d add a quick post here about fashion and great deals you can find without compromising the look.

Well I’ve finally launched a sister site to WYB filled with celebrity fashion! Here is a look at some of the content on the site (more to come)

  • Deals&Steals – Great online fashion just like the stars without breaking the bank!
  • Who Wore It Best? – Some celebs have the tendency to buy from the same designer and end up wearing the same thing. In these posts you can leave your feedback on which celeb wore the look best.
  • Fashion Crime – Some celebs are fashion risk takers and some refuse to keep up with the trends. These posts feature outrageous fashion choices and the celebrites that committ them.

Click here to be taken to Fashion Archives. If you have any suggestions on what I should add as content to the site or wish to contribute something, just leave a comment!

Thanks for your support!


1 Response to "The Fashion Archives"

You do a great work ,with support to us all, go on as you do,thanks!!!!!

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