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Halle Berry was spotted out buying some flowers in Los Angeles, California on Friday afternoon.  On her way out Halle by accidentally dropped her keys (hate when that happens!) since her hands were full.

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It’s always a sad thing when summer leaves and school starts again but this year Hilary Duff and boyfriend Mike Cormie were spotted ushering out the summer with a bang while attending party at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, California Saturday night.

The cute couple were all smiles as they greeted friends upon their arrival.  Both were dressed in black ensembles, which might of been a little warm for the hot Californian weather, but regardless they were definitely have a great time.  Do you think these two will end up together?

Beautiful Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has been in Venice, Italy this entire week to promote her film “The Burning Plain” during the 2008 Venice Film Festival. In the movie Charzlie took on the role of executive producer while also taking the lead role as Sylvia. The film is about “a mother (Basinger) and daughter (Theron) who try to form a bond after the young woman’s difficult childhood.”

Talking about her double role in the film, Charlize said: “It seemed like the toughest thing about being an Executive Producer and lead actress is negotiating with yourself.”

Even though “she couldn’t afford to pay herself very much,” Charlize was “excited about the business end of the business.”

Here are some pictures of Charlize taking some time off between promotional duties and acting like a true tourist.

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Selma Blair has always brought her front foot forward in fashion and the celebration of Selma’s cover on Confidential Magazine’s August 2008 issue was no exception. The event was held in Beverly Hills, California and turned out to be quite the event.

In the issue Selma talks about what it was like to film “Hellboy II”.

The filming of Hellboy II was a remarkable experience. Guillermo had just come off the success of Pan’s Labyrinth, which is so well-deserved. So to be able to work with the hottest director and someone I love—to go and get into his brain and be able to walk into his sets—is something I’ll be forever grateful for.

Originally from the east coast, Selma said that she had no time adjusting to the difference life style of LA after she made the move.

Initially I thought it was paradise. It was the strangest thing, being able to have a bagel on a Sunday morning under a palm tree. I grew up in Detroit, and then in New York, so to be able to wear shorts year ’round, not that I do… God! I don’t even know if I own shorts. But to be in the warm weather and smell jasmine is incredible.

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She’s one of the few celebrities who haven’t sold the rights of the first pictures of their baby to a magazine and yesterday actress Halle Berry enjoyed a day at the zoo with her daughter Nahla Ariel in Los Angeles, California.

Armed with a team of body guards and her mother Jill, Halle was able to relax knowing that she was able to be safe in a public place without the paparazzi hounding down her every move.