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Jamie Lynn Spears steps outside of her home in Kentwood, Louisiana to do some errands.  Jamie proudly work a t-shirt with “phat lady” emblazoned across the date.

Jamie is due July 1st – coming soon!!

jamie-lynn-spears-phat-3318-1.jpg jamie-lynn-spears-phat-3318-4.jpg jamie-lynn-spears-phat-3318-5.jpg jamie-lynn-spears-phat-3318-10.jpg 

kim-kardashian-king-3288-4.jpgKim Kardashian was looking in top shape while making an appearance on Larry King Live last week.  Kim is thinking about selling a workout video available on her website so we can learn how to get her bodacious booty. 

“I’ve got a personal trainer who keeps me active. I work my butt and legs just about every day, and I do cardio to burn fat. I’ve actually started videotaping my workouts so I can do them on the road. I’m going to start selling the videos soon on my Web site so that others can do the same workout that I do. They’re short videos, but if you do them one right after the other, it’s a really good workout.”

Is it worth getting? kim-kardashian-king-3288-6.jpg kim-kardashian-king-3288-2.jpg kim-kardashian-king-3288-7.jpg


Anne Hathaway and costar Kate Hudson stay in shape while on the set of their movie Bride Wars.  The movie is about two friends who find out they scheduled their weddings on the same day.  Now everything they do becomes a competition.

Enjoy more pictures of two of the most beautiful women below by clicking on the thumbnail below.

kate-hudson-anne-bride-3318-2.jpg kate-hudson-anne-bride-3318-4.jpg kate-hudson-anne-bride-3318-5.jpg


Miley Cyrus was back to work this Monday after a family outing on Sunday afternoon after church.  Miley and her mom Leticia were spotted making a pit stop to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Monday afternoon before heading into the Levels Audio Recording Studio to work on her upcoming album.  

On the side note, I love Miley’s style.  So cute and relaxed, yet older looking than she really is.

miley-cyrus-work-3318-1.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-4.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-7.jpg miley-cyrus-work-3318-8.jpg

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jessica-simpson-kuwait-388-151.jpgAfter suffering a fever, Jessica Simpson was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital this Friday afternoon for a kidney infection.  A friend close to the singer said she’s doing well and getting her rest.   Jess’s rep says she’s “been released and is doing fine”.


Audrina Patridge is doing a fine job of keeping herself in the spotlight.  Ever since the premier of MTV’s The Hills the focus has been on once best friends, now bitter rivals, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad.  But Audrina has been waiting patiently in the background for her time to shine.

Ever since nude photographs of Audrina, taken when she was 18, were leaked onto the internet, Audrina has been taking this new found interest from the media and running with it.  She’s scheduled a mega of events, starting off with a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on his morning talking show.

Here is Audrina leaving Live with Regis and Kelly earlier this morning.  She was on the show to talk about the scandalous pictures and the girl who sold them.

 audrina-patridge-regis-3318-2.jpg audrina-patridge-regis-3318-7.jpg


Rhianna and Chris Brown have done their best to keep us from guessing at the status of their relationship.  The both have made casual comments saying that they have a good time together, but no strings are attached.  

Yesterday the pair went shopping at The Grove, but made sure to never be photographed together.  First on the list was an Apple store, but both entered and exited minutes apart from each other. 

rihanna-grove-3308-3.jpg rihanna-grove-3308-4.jpg